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Plain Mattress High Density Foam mattresses without cover. Simply plain.

Lala Salama High Density Foam mattresses covered in vibrant colored, washable and removable covers

Sleepwell High Density Foam mattresses looking elegant with border tapes at the edges of the mattresses and covered with quality cotton covers in lovely colours and designs.

Sweet DreamsHigh Density Foam mattresses again machine taped at the mattress edges and covered with elegantly designed jacquard fabric enhancing the superior look of the mattresses. Available in different sizes and thicknesses.

Prestige QuiltedEnchanting quilting patterns on the high quality tape edged fabric coverings give a definite rich and luxurious look to these High Density Foam mattresses which come in different sizes and thicknesses.

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Five Star Spring Mattresses Using the most advanced ‘Pocket- Spring’ Technology our Five Star Spring Mattresses are made to provide great comfort and a relaxing and cozy sleep which makes one get up fresh in the morning. Pocket spring technology also gives an undisturbed sleep even when the other partner moves in his/her sleep. A perfect mattress to keep you refreshed day after day.

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Ortho-Medic Mattresses Made of a very high density of rebonded foam, Ortho-Medic mattresses are designed to provide your back the perfect support it needs to keep it strong and fit to face the rigours of the fast paced life of today’s world. Also helps provide relief to those suffering from back problems. A mattress that takes special care of your spine.

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Bed Sets

A complete bedding solution for your bedroom, Matelas Dodoma is now like a ONE STOP SHOP as we have come out with a complete bed set comprising of a bed base, a head board (in 2 different designs) and of course the mattress which you can choose from the Five Star Spring, the Ortho-Medic or the Prestige Quilted Mattress according to your choice. The exquisite jacquard fabrics in beautiful colours used for these bed sets are stylishly quilted to match the grandeur of your bedroom. A very convenient and lucrative buy, it makes it a MUST BUY for the hotel industry using the preferred white or cream coloured elegant jacquard fabric.

Sofa Cushions

Are made of High Density Foam in different standard sizes and in thicknesses of 10 and 15 cms with seat and back cushions give the most comfortable feel to your living room sofa sets making you feel proud of them. Draped with velvet fabrics, the cushion covers are available in a variety of colours.


Are a multi purpose product made of a very high density rebonded foam in 2.5 cms thickness makes it a very handy product as it can be easily rolled up and folded with straps attached and can be easily stored in any corner when not being used. Being a multi purpose product it can be used for outings, picnics, exercising, praying or just relaxing. Very useful for people working in remote areas (as in mining etc) with no proper sleeping facilities it can be easily carried and can be used as a mattress for sleeping in such areas as these MultiMats are covered with PVC fabric which is waterproof and so can also be rolled out on the floor or ground and then easily cleaned by wiping with a wet cloth.

Sofa cum bed

Another very useful product from the house of Matelas Dodoma, made of PU Foam, this can be folded into a sofa when required and unfolded and rolled out to make it into a bed for sleeping. Comes in very handy when you have unexpected extra guests.


Soft comfortable pillows in 2 qualities of Lala Salama and Dreamz with Dreamz being covered with a frilled cover with zip so that it is removable and easily washable too.